Empowering Girls in Real Life Situations
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Upcoming Events

2014 - 2015 School Year
We will be mentoring 40 girls this school year at the schools below:

Philo Middle School
Parkland High School

E-Girls Executive Board
If you share our mission and have a desire in helping teenage girls please consider joining our executive board.
Email: executiveboard@empoweringegirls.org

E-Girls Mentoring
We are needing volunteers 3x a week during the school year.
Email volunteering@empoweringegirls.org


I have learned a lot from E-Girls and I trust E-Girls and I've learned how to respect others and treat others the way I want to be treated. I've been staying out of trouble ever since I've been in this program. It really did help me. Thanks to Mrs. Ingram.

E-Girls helped me in a lot of ways. One way it helped was when I had low self-esteem, they made me feel like a queen. They made me feel pretty on the inside and outside. That is what E-Girls means to me from the heart.

What E-Girls means to me is very strong. E-Girls helped me to be myself when I was sad or mad. They listened and helped each one of us. They showed us how to be powerful in a way we can control. I joined E-Girls to get help with my situation . I acted like I was happy but it hurt me to know that my Dad left me and my family. With the help from Mrs. Ingram, I changed into my old self. They are here to listen and help out. Thatís what we need, someone to listen to girls that are in situations. I was one and I got helped and now I am processing my lifeís problems. They also taught us how to be sisters no matter what.


I think that E-Girls is something good for girls that donít have someone to trust on and they can call you and tell you what is going on. So I think that it is something good and whenever I have a problem, I will call you. I Love You and thank you f or coming.

Empowering Girls in Real Life Situations(E-Girls)

  Mrs. Cheryl Ingram, Founder & Executive Director
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