Empowering Girls in Real Life Situations
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Upcoming Events

2014 - 2015 School Year
We will be mentoring 40 girls this school year at the schools below:

Philo Middle School
Parkland High School

E-Girls Executive Board
If you share our mission and have a desire in helping teenage girls please consider joining our executive board.
Email: executiveboard@empoweringegirls.org

E-Girls Mentoring
We are needing volunteers 3x a week during the school year.
Email volunteering@empoweringegirls.org

Pilot Program Data

During the 2007-2008 school year, a total of 40 girls participated in E-Girls. We experienced great successes with the girls and saw increases in selfesteem, better grades, higher test scores, improved conduct, and a great deal of positive testimonials from the girls, parents, and teachers. Our pilot program for the 2007-2008 school year was held at Hill Arts Magnet School. We collected data at the beginning and end of the program for the participants. Our self-esteem analysis was drawn from the girls’ responses to the Rosenberg Self- Esteem Scale with responses ranging from low to moderate to high self-esteem. At the beginning of the program: 7% had low self-esteem, 86% had moderate self-esteem, and 7% had high selfesteem

Pre-Program Self-Esteem Analysis

At the end of the program: 0% had low self-esteem, 79% had moderate self-esteem, and 21% had high self-esteem.

Post-Program Self-Esteem Analysis

In terms of conduct, based on teacher assessments, conduct was rated as satisfactory, needs improvement, and unsatisfactory. Pre-program: 65% had satisfactory conduct, 10% were reported as needing improvement, and 25% had unsatisfactory conduct.

Pre-Program Conduct Analysis

Post-program: 85% had satisfactory conduct, 5% were reported as needing improvement, and 10% had unsatisfactory conduct.

Post-Program Conduct Analysis

Academic achievement was measured by quarterly progress reports and End-of-Grade test scores.

Pre-Program Academic Analysis

At the beginning of our pilot program: 30% were at or above grade level and at the end of the pilot program: 60% were at or above grade level. For the 2008-2009 school year, we have increased our enrollment to approximately 80 girls.

Post-Program Academic Analysis

In October 2008, we received our first grant funding from the Women’s Fund of Winston-Salem. As the organization continues to grow, we have many high expectations.

  Mrs. Cheryl Ingram, Founder & Executive Director
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